"Halugica" - Children and Young Adults' Department

On the occasion of marking the International Children's Book Day 2011, the Children and Young Adults' Department in Opatija was named "Halugica" after an allegorical fairy tale by Vladimir Nazor. In 2015, this Department gets a Toy Library and a Playroom, being the first in Primorsko-goranska County to offer toys and games on loan.
"Halugica" is regularly visited by children and the youth in search of interesting materials: books, comics, magazines, toys, storytelling and art workshops for the youngest.

Toy Library

Toy Library is a place where you can borrow toys to take home, just like you borrow picture books and other books. With the help of an adult, a child can choose a quality and interesting toy.
Toy Library is open in the morning from 8.00 to 12.00 and in the afternoon from 16.00 to 20.00.
Within "Halugica" there is a playroom to play with toys and games in the Library.

Purpose of the Toy Library

  • to grant access to high quality toys for all children
  • to provide a wide variety of toys for children
  • to develop in children the habit of borrowing and the use of common goods
  • to develop the need to come to the Library and borrow a toy, and later a book
  • to assist parents in developing the criteria for the assessment of toys 

Rules for Borrowing Toys

You may only borrow one toy for a period of 30 days. This loan period allows the child to play with the toy as long as they find it interesting. The limit to borrow one toy at a time is necessary in order to ensure a regular circulation of toys and allows the child to always find something new and interesting in the Toy Library.
The fine for overdue toys is charged 0.5 HRK per day and the loan period cannot be renewed.
Upon the first borrowing, the parent signs the rules on borrowing toys from the Toy Library.
Toys marked (IG) are to be used in the Library, but may be borrowed with the special permission from a librarian.
Upon return, every toy is washed and disinfected, the parts are counted, if necessary, complemented and stored in a special bag. It also gets a piece of paper with a notification about the number of component parts.
If the toy is damaged or lost, you are required to buy a book/books of the same value as the toy.

Parents are expected:

  • to ask for information and advice about a good toy;
  • to assist their child in choosing a toy respecting the child's wishes and taking into account his/her evolving capacities;
  • to initiate the play at home to stimulate the child's interest in the toy;
  • to take care of the toy in order to return it in the same condition;
  • to collect all component parts and store the toy (and plate) into its bag before returning it to the Library;
  • to return previously lost and found parts of the toy;
  • to compensate for a damaged or lost toy according to the rules;
  • to take care of the loan period.

With the assistance of their parents, children develop from an early age the attitude towards common goods, familiarize with the borrowing rules and develop the habit of using the Library.