My Card

By using the catalogue of the Public Library "Viktor Car Emin" Opatija, a borrower can log in at any time to review their account details: the list of borrowed items and due dates for each, as well as make reservations of books. You will be asked to enter your library card number (unique for each user) and your PIN (that you can obtain at the Library). This service is free of charge.

Information Search

The exploration of the library fund, electronic resources, bibliographic search for the purpose of writing essays, term, research and thesis papers, reports and presentations. A borrower should announce the search at least one day in advance.

Reading Room and Study Room

The Reading Room may only be used by library members, who are asked to provide the library card to the librarian. Books from the Reference Collection and other Special Collections, newspapers and magazines, may only be used in the Reading Room. Library Members may use personal computers for their study work.

Toy Library and Playroom

Toy Library and Playroom is the place where library members may borrow toys, as well as picture books and books from the school required reading list. The opening hours are 8.00-12.00 am and 16.00-20.00 pm.