Departments and Collections

Adults' Department

Located on the ground floor of Culture Center "Zora", the Adults' Department counts over 45,000 volumes. Circulation service assists library patrons with circulation of library materials and general inquiries, while the reading room locates various newspapers and magazines. Patrons are welcome to use computers with Internet access and a computer to browse the online catalogue of the Library. Numerous titles of literature, professional and scientific books are available in circulating collections for public access. The special collection of reference books is a non-circulating collection.

  • reference books - encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries
  • literature
  • technical books
  • selection of daily newspapers
  • weeklies and magazines

"Halugica" - Children and Young Adults' Department

Celebrating International Children's Book Day 2011, Children and Young Adults' Department in Opatija was named after an allegorical fairy tale by Vladimir Nazor - "Halugica". In 2015, Toy Library opened in Opatija as the first such library in Primorsko-goranska County, lending toys, puzzles and games. "Halugica" is regularly visited by many children and the youth in search of interesting materials.

  • reference books - encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries
  • a wide choice of picture and illustrated books 
  • literature for teenagers and young adults
  • technical books
  • comics
  • playroom
  • toys 
  • magazines for children and youth
  • didactic games
  • board games

Special Collections

Local History Collection

Located on glass-door bookshelves, the Local History Collection is physically separated from the rest of the fund and protected. This extensive collection consists of books about local and regional history of Opatija, its surrounding area, Istria and the works by authors from this region. In addition, it includes the anthology "Liburnijske teme" from the very first number to its latest issues. The local newspaper "Opatija" is also a part of the collection, as well as the copies of articles from magazines and newspapers, prospects and brochures. The collection started together with the Library, which makes it more than half a century old. Although limited with space, the collection includes over 500 volumes.

Reference Collection

Organized as a separate non-circulating collection, reference materials can only be used within the Library. These include encyclopedias, thesauruses, dictionaries, bibliographies, biographical dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, collections of law, etc.